Did you know that more than 20% of the world’s population doesn’t have the perfect bite? Well, Invisalign has become a household word, with its market set to reach $10.04 billion by 2028. The Invisalign is a powerful tool that’s popular for straightening teeth.

The success of Invisalign aligners depends on the care these retainers get. Proper care ensures that the Invisalign is best suited to give you that straighter smile. Unfortunately, most people make Invisalign cleaning mistakes that damage your aligners.

Damaged aligners won’t get you the results you want. They also hinder your progress, and you’ll be lucky if they don’t extenuate the problem further. Invisalign cleaning requires knowledge of the dos and don’ts for amazing results.

If you’re unsure about cleaning your orthodontics apparatus, this article is for you. Continue reading to learn the 7 common Invisalign care mistakes and how to avoid them.

Leaving Them on All the Time

Although the Invisalign retainers work within your mouth, you’ll be wrong never to take them out. This is possibly the most common mistake with most people having them on even when eating.

Leaving your Invisalign on all the time increases the chances of plaque accumulation. If you eat with the aligners on, the food is ground onto the trays making it hard to achieve a thorough clean. Drinks such as red wine discolor the retainers, with the stains tough to clean.

The food stuck on your tray can affect the health of your gum and enamel. You wouldn’t want that, right?

Consider removing your retainers whenever you eat or have a snack. Therefore, your aligners will look and feel better, which helps with straighter teeth.

Not Cleaning Them Immediately After Removal

Do you put your retainers directly away after removing them? If yes, you’re making a mistake. It isn’t enough to take the trays out and put them away without a rinse.

Failure to properly put the aligners away is a common mistake as people haste to eat. You, therefore, risk your oral health by not cleaning the Invisalign after removal.

Consider rinsing the aligners once you remove them. As a result, you get any existing bacteria off the retainers, making a deep clean easier in the future. You’ll end up with fresh-smelling retainers, and they don’t get sticky, which can make the difference.

Exposing Them to Bacteria

Where do you place your Invisalign aligners after removal? It’s improper to leave the aligners lying around the counter when eating.

Believe it or not, your mouth has bacteria, and wearing appliances fosters bacterial growth. Leaving your retainers out helps the bacteria grow even faster. Such retainers are sinister for your oral health once reinstated in their condition.

Wondering where to store Invisalign? It would be best to have an airtight container to keep the retainers in when they’re not in use. Doing this reduces their exposure to bacteria; hence, they’re good when you restore them.

Poor Oral Health

How well do you clean your teeth? It’s pointless to take care of your Invisalign when your mouth is in a wanting state.

Poor oral hygiene extenuates your oral health problem, especially when wearing the retainers. The Invisalign, however, tightens the teeth, so there’s lesser space for plaque to occupy. Therefore, you will have an easy time brushing or flossing since you can get in between your teeth.

Start with the right oral hygiene habits to ensure proper oral health. Thorough cleaning of your teeth also lowers the chances of cavities. The Invisalign will therefore be more effective when you observe oral health.

Using Mouthwash for Aligner Cleaning

Do you use mouthwash to clean your aligners? Please stop! The chances are that you’re doing more harm than good to your retainers.

As a common habit for most Invisalign users, they leave their trays to soak in mouthwash. Mouthwash has alcohol which interferes with the plastic composition to make them uncomfortable. Mouthwash also dyes the Invisalign such that they’re not invisible anymore.

Go with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste if you’re on a strict budget. An amazing clean helps with your orthodontic treatment journey, so you end up with excellent results.

Not Using the Right Cleaning Tools

I’m sure that right after you decide to go for Invisalign, you’d want to see the results. Desired results are harder to achieve if you clean your retainers using the wrong tools.

Improper Invisalign cleaning tools make your retainers uncomfortable to wear. You also run the risk of damaging them, which affects the teeth.

Find an Invisalign cleaning kit with the right cleaning tools and products for a thorough clean. Check the kit for cleaning Invisalign trays for mixing your ingredients. The right kit is instrumental for leaving your retainers hygienic.

Skipping on the Daily Maintenance Routine

I bet that you use your Invisalign aligners every day, but how often do you clean them? If you skip cleaning it every day, you’re making a huge mistake.

Regular Invisalign maintenance is essential for removing any food and bacteria. Don’t risk passing the bacteria back and forth within your mouth by not cleaning them daily. The regular cleaning deals with any build-up, thus averting any potential problems.

Make it a habit to clean the Invisalign by setting time aside. We suggest doing so right before bedtime, so you never miss cleaning and you enjoy that fresh feeling.

Avoid the Common Invisalign Cleaning Mistakes

Failing to take care of your Invisalign aligners can have cataclysmic consequences. There’s the need to ensure that you keep these retainers clean to help get you a straighter smile. The above guide shows the common Invisalign cleaning mistakes and how you can avoid them.

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